Really Useful Stuff.


You don’t actually need loads of fancy equipment when starting out with micro batch brewing. These companies sell great one-gallon brew kits with almost everything you need to get started…

Homebrew Depot

Brooklyn Brew Shop


A starter kit is useful, although doesn’t actually contain everything you’ll need, as we discovered on our first attempt. In addition to the one-gallon brew kits you can order above, you’ll also need sanitiser (to santise EVERYTHING), a seven-litre stock pot, a food grade bucket and a large 25cm strainer or a sparge bag.


Open source recipes for your favourite sauce…

Brew Dog

A bit more style than substance, but a nice simple format, with a paired-down intro to brewing.


Really clean website, with an easy to use interface and search function. Search by beer type, batch volume, hop preference.


You’ll need some grain for that…

Get ‘er Brewed

This is a real find. You can create your own recipe packs, ordering only as much as you need. And cheap! If you register, you can save your recipes too, so if you create a real beauty, you’ll be able to re-order exactly what you used.



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