A bandwagon worth jumping on, if you ask me…

A blog about home brewing craft beer is hardly original, however this is one trend I’m happy to get onside with.

Once your taste buds have been awakened by anything authentic, it’s near on impossible to go back to industrially-produced, commercial crap. And so it is with beer.

Once the favored hobby of gnarly, checked shirt wearing, porkchop sideburn sporting old men in sheds, the homebrew beer movement has moved into the realm of the hipster – also known for their fondness of facial furniture and flannel shirts.

Despite the snobbery, the expensive contraptions, and the weird old-English jargon which encrypts brewing, we’ve discovered that it’s actually really easy and cheap to brew your own yummy craft beer at home.

We don’t have any fancy equipment or expert knowledge, nor indeed do either of us sport a curly mustache. We don’t even own a shed, or a unicycle. All we have is an average kitchen, a small-batch brewing kit, a near obsessive love of beer, curiosity in spades and a bit of free time.

It doesn’t need to be so complicated, you just need to sort through the crap and translate it into plain English.

As we discover things, we’ll share our findings with you. As they say: every day’s a school day, so we invite you to learn with us as we go from absolute novices to (hopefully) master (and mistress) brewers.


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